The death of a virgin

4.16. Players, Airdate: 03/26/03 (WB, 8/9c).

"Has Cordy been a bad, bad girl?" Wasn't that what we all wanted to shout out? People on the boards already started to discuss if the writers have turned bad or if it is Charisma's acting that made Evil Cordy the worst villain on AtS so far. Finally, Lorne asked the long awaited question, and it's a Magic Ball that answers: "Definitely." Hooray, the gang discovered that Cordy's the evil one, though it's not clear yet how they exactly found out what she did.

I liked the Magic Ball though. Remember where we have seen it a couple of years ago? Right, Simpsons! Back then it foretold, Bart and Milhouse won't be friends at the end of the day. Hey, wait - aren't they still friends? Yes, they are, and I suggest, Cordy's not that evil after all. My guess still is, it's the baby that made her evil - and it's the baby that's the Beast's Master and acting through her. All that "Connor is a father" thing is merely a big cover-up to conceal the growing belly.

But - hey, wait. They're talking all the time about a big master plan. Cordy even said, Connor sending Angel to the bottom of the sea was part of something bigger. Let's presume, it really was. Making Cordy a higher power, even making Darla pregnant - is all that part of the master plan? If so, there's only one conclusion: Why would somebody do all that? Not to get Angelus back - remember, he was back even before Darla got pregnant. Well, so there's only the child. Could somebody really have planned to get Darla pregnant to "produce" Connor, and did he turn Cordy merely to go "all real" on Connor and be able to bear the demony child?

Could be possible, I have to admit. Amazing stuff to think about. Was the Big Bang some sort of cover-up or was it the most crucial moment in some sort of master plan? And who could be the one having initiated it? The First Evil? What do you think?

Anyway, I think, we can be pretty sure we'll se that child, and I guess it will be next week since the next show is called "Inside Out".

Talking about "inside", what do you think of the Gunn/Gwenn issue? Wow, wasn't that something? I love Gwenn, and her portrayal as somebody who can't even touch another person due to all the electricity she has absorbed. For Gunn it certainly was great to have those scenes with her, finally overcoming his pangs of short dialogues he was doomed to. Gwenn's stil a virgin? That was a surprise, wasn't it? Well, anyway, she isn't anymore, Virigin Gwenn died, and - gosh, if Gunn ever needs a stunt double in a situation like that, he should call me. (I'll fix my skin color somehow, promise!) Poor Fred's alone again, and what's so sad about it, is the fact, I don't think she and Wes will make it - the Buffyverse didn't turn out to be a perfect place for love matches so far, did it?

What's the outcome of "Players"? Well, they caught Cordy - and perhaps we'll finally see if Connor's the father or not. If he is, I'll go with the theory, everything that happened with Connor so far was part of the master plan. If he isn't, well, then all the "showing him something real" part was merely a cover-up. The more I think about it, the more I think, it could all have been part of the master plan. After all, they still need a surprise for us, and what else could be in stock than another Big Bad?

This week's ep was much better than the last ones, I'll give it four out of five stars. What do you think?

Feedback (updated frequently)

Cordy's child: Some of you said, we shouldn't forget the prophecy that led Wesley to take away Connor in season 3. It said "The father will kill the son", indicating, Connor will kill his son. It's interesting, though, that some of you maintain Cordy's child will be a girl, because having a son would mean something like having Connor II. Perhaps that's not alltogether wrong. We already know Gina Torres has been casted to appear on Angel (Zoe from "Firefly") - will she play Cordy's child? Either this or she'll play whoever directed the master plan. I hope she won't play Cordy's child, since another adult growing in about five minutes time seems rather lame to me. It even reminds me of those supernatural beings portrayed as Greeks in Angel's season 1 (and, sadly, later on). Why is wearing some sort of toga enough to star as a good or evil god/goddess? Isn't that like some science fiction movie from the sixties?

Gunn: Laura busted into radiant delight about Gunn, saying he's the most "underrated character" on Angel. I really like the character, and I agree, he should become more vital to the team, but the problem they have with Gunn is, they always say "It never hurts to have some muscles on board", but actually, they don't need muscles, so they don't really need Gunn. It's about time to redefine the part of Gunn, but I am not sure, if the Gwenn part was a first step. What did he actually do? He helped her, and it's good he did. Then he spent the night with her, again it's good he did. Perhaps he even fell in love with Gwenn (and she with him?) - we don't know yet. But did it redefine his role in any way? I don't think so. All that brainy talk just showed that Gwenn saw more in him than just the one with the muscles, but so did Fred.

Who will die? Carl suggested, Gunn is going to die this season, due to pretty much the same reasons I listed above (the team could work as well without him). Nat says, either Fred or Wesley are going to die, because both take up the same space as Mr. and Mrs. Researchy. GloomingBride, Frank, Albert, Lars and some others say, Connor will die - Frank says, BUT he'll kill Cordy's child or the Big Bad first. Some even say, Cordy will die, since the child has taken over her body and when it is born, she'll die. AGuyFromUruguay and Tristan write, Lorne will die - because he's been included in the credits, and when Tara was included in the credits, they killed her.

How is it going to end? I write about that in my review of 7.17. Lies My Parents Told Me.

Tom Ahrendt


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